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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

D D&D the first installment

Brady prepping the meat grinder.

Grinderman in action.

Finished product!

Eric, hiding his shame.

The next morning!

A few weeks ago, Brady and I were perusing the piles of piles of junk at our favorite thrift shop, Green Village where we came across this most excellent meat grinder. For only $10 to boot! Of course we had to get it. And with our first installment of the soon to be regular feature of Dinner Dungeons and Dragons! (D D&D)

Eric brought over some venison and we combined it with spices like toasted fennel and coriander. We added in rich pork belly to add fat to the very lean venison. Then ground it all up to make sausage patties. Served it up with red cabbage coleslaw and fried polenta topped off with a bruschetta. It was a tasty way to start out the game. We all noshed on Dunkaroos supplied by "Finn" (Jisuk) as we moved on to character generation.

The next morning we made country gravy with the left over sausage. Poured over homemade biscuits, it was a brunch be fitting a hunter, but instead was consumed by two hung over Brooklynites.


Ros Made Me said...

Your meat grinder or mincer, as I would call it here in the UK so reminded me of dinners on Tuesday night when I was a little girl. Sundays were roast, Tuesday were cold and Wednesdays were rissoles.

To ensure that the mincer was cleared, she would run an onion through it after the meat and then some stale bread to totally clean it through.

There is also the tale of my granny saving up coupons to acquire a new mincer... the family sat down to eat the newly created supper made from mince. My grandfather, idly chased the mince around the plate, then looked my granny in the eye and declared, "Whoever chewed that can eat it!" He was never served mince again.

Christine said...

What an amazing anecdote. I have to day that I love my meat grinder/mincer. Next up we are going to make some meat balls with it!

Diane said...

No pink slime in that beef.